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Digital Mailbox Rental 

The Best Way for RVers and Seasonal Travelers to Receive Mail and Packages

We offer traditional private mailbox rentals, but we are also serving the RV and Traveler community with Digital Mailboxes.

What is a Digital Mailbox? Most communications today have migrated to a “digital” environment—email, text, twitter, Instagram, etc. Now traditional, old-school mail is following suit by moving to a digital platform that allows you to receive and manage your letter mail  – without ever touching an envelope  – all from your email. And you can do it from almost anywhere in the world!

When you select a GPS Mail Servcie Plan, you get a street address in Buda, TX that allows you to have letter mail sent to us as well as common carrier deliveries from UPS/FedEx (and others). Depending on the Plan you select, you can have letters (or just the envelopes) scanned and emailed to you. We can also notify you when we receive an item, you decide via email what to do with it.

GPS Mail Service features:

  • Sign for mail with tracking numbers and email the tracking information to you
  • Scan the envelope so you can see who sent it
  • Open, scan and email the contents so you can read it
  • Re-mail the actual mail piece you want to keep
  • Shred the mail you don’t need or want
  • Store the mail for you that you want to hold onto
  • Print your emailed response and mail the paper version to your recipient

  • Re-ship most packages to just about anywhere in the world

All of this can be done via your email. Whether you are in Rome, Italy or Rome, Texas, you can now have a digital mailbox in your email. Package management servcies also available. Residency and other restrictions apply, contact us for more details.

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