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Direct Mail Marketing in Buda, TX

It May Be "Old School", But Direct Mail Still Works (and oftentimes is required)

The explosion of digital communications has created an environment of chaos when it comes to reaching current customers (or members of your group) or potential customers; email, text, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new way to contact someone electronically.

Unfortunately, people are (more and more) likely to ignore your message simply because there is too much, and it’s easy to “delete”. Important notices or messages to the members of your group, association, or club may be missed if you only send electronic notices.

Direct Mail Marketing and notices have been around as long as the mail, so many people view it as “old school”, but the fact is, direct mail is making a major comeback as a marketing and communications tool because it is not electronic.

The US Postal Service goes by or delivers to every address in the US six days/week, so they are able to deliver marketing and communication materials efficiently and effectively to virtually everyone in the country and certainly to your select membership list.

Buda Print & Ship is your local Direct Mail expert in Buda, TX. We understand how to use direct mail to your best advantage for marketing and messaging while keeping a tight grip on your budget.

Our Direct Mail Service Includes:


  • Mailpiece design
  • Mailpiece printing
  • Mailing list acquisition
  • Mailpiece “Call To Action”
  • Postage
  • Delivery
  • Direct Mail Campaign Management
  • Direct Mail TurnkeyArea demographics
  • Letter insertion
  • Returned Mail Management

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Next time you need a big marketing or communication campaign, call 512-361-3580 or click the button below to send us a message. We’ll help you to use “old school” direct mail to generate “new money” results.

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